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otw. Posted on Nov 8 2014, 02:58 PM

read the rules001. this shouldn't have to be elaborated on. bullying of any kind will not be accepted. we don't want any drama here okay? if you have a problem with someone, talk to an admin about it, or take it somewhere else. this site is for fun, we're not Maury...and we're friendly here! okay, so lets keep it that way.002. register with your character's name in this format: first last. all in lower caps. if you mess up, it's totally the end of the world...it means disqualification. we will remove your name for you and you will have to register all over again. NO TUMBLR, YOUTUBE, ETC POPULAR FACES! We will make sure the FC's you claim are well known. Thank you!003. we're a mature rated site, so you can expect to see mature content on here. but, out of respect of the members, if you wish to create a rated r thread, or anything of that sort, please make a note in the description. don't go too far, we don't want to get in trouble for having anything inappropriate on here now, take it to a pm or a different forum if you want to rp sex or triggering. if you aren't sure if your content is too much or not, just ask an admin and we'll let you know. also if your thread is complete please mark the title with [c] for complete so staff know004. avatars are 250x350px and the gifs are any size, no more and no less. the gifs can be more but they resize and if your gif is too long or to short, they'll just stretch and look weird so you might as well make it the right size. if you don't have a photo manipulation program, ask an admin or a fellow member. also, don't stretch the board please, it doesn't look good. try to keep your role play graphics around 550px in width.005. you can have as many characters as you want, just keep them all active. if we notice that you have a lot and aren't using them, we will contact you and ask you to get them active. if not, we'll ask you which ones you can handle and then ask you to say goodbye to the ones you can't. this will happen around activity check time and done via the activity check thread. should any characters not be on the list, they will be automatically removed. if you want them active again, ask an admin, but they must be used from that point on.006. we don't have a number word count per say, but we don't like seeing one liners. we consider ourselves a literate rp, so your safest bet is just matching your role play partner.007. please don't steal stuff. applications, whatever. if you try to steal from our site we will find you, and we will call you out.008. your application can sit in the incomplete for three days without being touched, but after that it will be moved to the archives. if you're active in the cbox and communicate with an admin, you don't have to worry about this.009. your character's age should be either 5 years younger/ 5 years older than the face claim's actual age. ©
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