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logan bailey-kent
 Posted: Nov 18 2014, 07:34 PM
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logan theodore bailey-kent
dan stevens
Let it be ….

Unable to have children after several attempts at trying, high school sweethearts Basil and Madison Kent considered that chapter of their lives closed. Agreeing to be content with the cards they were dealt, they remained childless but happily married for 23 years before Logan and William joined their family. At the age of 41, the couple welcomed 2 year old Logan and his younger brother 9 month old William.

Basil, the oldest of 7, had several siblings—various ages younger than himself. With his youngest sister 13 years his junior, it came as a shock to him to learn of his sisters passing. Killed by a drunk driver, Brenda Bailey nee Kent and her husband Logan Bailey Sr. left behind two young sons. With Logan Sr.’s parents too old to care for their grandchildren and his parents in the same circumstance, Basil along with his sibling’s decided on the fate of their nephews. Agreeing to have the boys move to America, Basil and Madison became parents.

For Basil and Madison things were never the same. And the couple preferred it that way.

In my life …

His childhood was a blur. He had always been loved but saw his family life as typical. His brother and uncle the best friends he could ask for. His family was the most stable in comparison to anyone he knew. He knew his aunt and uncle weren’t his biological parents, but he couldn’t imagine a life without them. He thought of them as his parents and addressed them as such. He loved his parents without really knowing them. But, he was thankful for having his aunt and uncle in his life to pick up where his parents left off.

For years the pair raised two young boys guiding them through the typical experiences of young men. He could go to his aunt and uncle with anything and confided in his brother. He spent most of his life depending on them until college.

Having lived on his own for two and a half years while at University, Logan had grown quite independent. His younger brother had moved to the UK in pursuit of a law degree while he decided to stay in North America to pursuit teaching. He attended the University of British Columbia before teaching in Canada for three years. Returning home to further his education he taught sporadically while pursuing his PhD. Leaving the local high school once his degree was completed he moved to New York City and taught for a few years.

Norwegian wood ….

The majority of his adult life was spent inside a classroom until he met a welcomed distraction. Falling in love with one of the first students that he taught in the university, he began dating her after a few weeks of meeting. Their relationship progressed quickly. Although he had yet to meet her family or even considered allowing her to meet his. His mother was introduced to her by accident but she hasn’t seen his fiancé since then. Logan feels as though he is serious about their relationship. However, he doesn’t want to deal with the conflict he experiences whenever he brings up his relationship to his family.

His brother is completely not supportive and although his aunt and uncle rarely give an opinion, he can tell that they are unsure of how things will play out between the couple. He respects his family tremendously, but he wants a family of his own. With his aunt and uncle growing older he wants to give them grandchildren they can enjoy for a while. Moving closer to home with his fiancé, he wants to change things his family’s perception of her so that things can progress between he and his fiancé.

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 Posted: Nov 19 2014, 07:54 PM
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