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otw. Posted on Nov 8 2014, 03:00 PM
otw sub-ploteveryone wants to be the best. amongst a vast amount of students excelling in several expertise's, it can become very competitive to reach the top. students fight to make deans list, hoping to some day become the school's valedictorian...or maybe you don't care about that. maybe you want to be recognized for your work, for your creativity...and with hundreds of other creative minds lurking about that is challenging. there's nothing they won't do to make it to the top, even if it requires deceit, cheating, and mischief. what's done in the dark...well, let's just say it doesn't always come to light. let's keep in mind that just because you major in some artistic field, it doesn't exclude you from taking prerequisite courses such as english, history, math, etc. with each major you are able to become a teacher in the future. so if you intend on being an english professor, you are probably a writer...but not limited to that.for the art majors: you're quite the artist. your hands were blessed with talents and your minds are very vivid - one of a kind, even. this is what you're best at but not what you're limited to. maybe you're also great with technology, so you can design. but you seek to become an artist in some shape or form. your creativity is seen.for the web design majors: you too have unique minds. your thoughts are not vague, you are more tech savvy than most. you excel and work best behind the large screen, you understand coding and arithmetic many lack. you are the brains. your creativity is 3D.for the performing art majors: you work best when you are in movement. you dance, you act, you sing, you create music...whatever it is that you do, you bring creativity to life. you give creativity movement. maybe you mime...not everyone can be creatively talented with their entire being. your creativity moves.for the writing majors: your voice is unique. you do know that not everyone can be a talented writer? it's an art. it takes intellect, creativity, and a vivid imagination to put words together...and those words coming together to make sense. you have the potential to be the futures shake-spear...your creativity is read.for the cooking majors: did you not know that cooking/baking is an art? you don't just cook up a meal and throw it on a plate. you discern between what spice is best, you create new recipes, you put your whole being into each dish. baked chicken doesn't have to be baked chicken...maybe you've added your own touch to it. you've aligned the plate with delicious arrangements. you have a sensitive eye for decoration. you are elegant and you express that through each plate. your creativity has taste.for the fashion majors: this should be as clear as a bright sunny day...not everyone has style. not in the absolute least and this is not to be taken harshly. it's just...true. if you're into fashion then you are creative with style. you make a pair of jeans, shirt, and shoes look golden. you know how to co-ordinate color and theme. you know what to where and when. not only this...but you know how to put an image into work. your creativity has style.for the photography majors: this is an art in the field of visual arts. this major is becoming a lot more relevant in today's world. you too, are tech savvy. it's not as simple as snapping a picture and printing it out. manipulations and special techniques play a role in this art...you have to have an eye for perfect imagery. your creativity is image. for the multimedia majors: you create, you film, you direct, you are masters behind a recorder. you know how to set the perfect scene, you know all about theme...you have all talents put together in some shape or form...maybe you don't know how to draw or paint free-hand, but you are an artist behind a screen. your creativity produces.©
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